You don't have to be fishermen to know the intoxicating joy of cardinal catch. The Golden Fish Restaurant will convince you that fishing adventures can be experienced everywhere, even in restaurant. Weekly delivery of fresh fish - straight from the hook to our kitchen.

From the crushed ice directly on the counter in the restaurant there are freshwater and saltwater fish from around the world begging for taste. The one, that will win your heart, will be in turn prepared according to your wishes.

As a fisherman himself nor we know in advance which fish falls for the lure of bait. Therefore our offer is always different and unique. For illustration ​​we've selected a few delicacies which you can meet with.


Turbot is a flat fish with white flesh and very delicate taste. We dare say that is one of the most delicious seafood in our offer. We import it for you from the Mediterranean, mostly from Spain.

Mahi - mahi

High quality sea fish of the Delphinidae family living in tropical and subtropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. Mahi - Mahi, which means "Strong - strong," is a popular delicacy throughout the world.

Nile perch

Very tasty and appreciated fish on the market, most often hunted in the Aswan dam on the Nile or Lake Victoria. It represents the largest species of grouper, reaching gigantic proportions and weight up to 200 kg.


Freshwater fish of the salmonid family, which is spread almost all over Europe. Important factors for its occurrence is mainly water temperature, its purity and oxygen in water. The best way to manage this species is in Lower Austria, from where these fish are imported.

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